Meet AKB48:No.2-Itano Tomomi

July 5, 2008 at 8:49 pm | Posted in AKB48 Posts, Meet AKB48 | 1 Comment
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                                                               Basic Profile:

Name:Itano Tomomi
Team Status:A
My Nickname:Tomomi-chan
Fans Nickname:Tomochin
Appearance:Very Kawaii!
Apperance On Age:Looks 10
Singing:A Bit High-Pitched
Personality:Very Sweet & Bubbly
Reminds Me Of:Suzuki Airi

My Thoughts On Tomomi-chan:
She is one of my fave members of Team A And Is very kawaii!She is also the BoA Fan of the group,her face looked soooo shocked when she met BoA on HEY!x3.Did you know that she’s also friends with erika-chan of C-ute! meaning,there’s no bad blood between H!P & AKB48! Oh-yay!


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  1. i love you tomomi …..

    your cute girl .

    i like akb48 ^_^

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